HFS-904G2E130FGO 90cm 4 Gas Burners & 2 Electric Plate with 130L Double Burner Gas Oven Cooking Range[ShopBrills / Brills]


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* Smart Cooking: Equipped with flame safety device that automatically cuts-off gas flow when necessary to avoid fire incidents. It also protects against possible build up of unburned gas and avoid gas leakage.
* 4 Gas Burners & 2 Electric Burners: 1 Small (1kW), 1 Medium (1.5kW), 1 Medium (2.4kW),1 Large (3.1kW), 2 Hotplate (1kW)
* 2 Gas Oven Burners: Upper Oven Burner(1.8kW), Lower Oven Burner(3.9kW)
* Flame Safety Device: All Burners
* Italian Made Sabaf Burners
* Rotisserie and Gas Grill
* Big Oven Capacity
* Flexible Control
* Multi-Function Settings
* Flame Balance Distribution
* Blue Flame
* Button Ignition
* Double Oven Glass Door
* Tempered Glass Cover
* Damping Hinge
* Stainless Steel
* Type: Free Standing Cooking Range
* Net Oven Capacity: 130L
* Net Weight: 62kg
* Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
* Dimension (WxDxH): 910mm x 640mm x 900mm




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