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* Cylinder Type Replaceable Filter for high filtration efficiency * With 3 Layer Filtration System for Thorough Air Cleaning * Preliminary Filter Layer – Captures coarse and large particles like fibers, hair and pet fur. * HEPA Filter Layer – Captures fine particles such as dust mites, pollen and most airborne bacteria. * Activated Cabon Filter Layer – Adsorbs unwanted smells and odors. * With UV-C Light that Kills Bacteria and Viruses by destroying their Nucleic Acids and Disrupting their DNA * Removes Unwanted Smells and Foul Odors * Covers up to 50 square meters in Area * Captures Small particles and Airborne Pathogens * With Night Light to help you sleep better. * With 8-Hour Timer and Sleep Mode * With 3 Level Settings (Low, High and Auto) * With Infrared Sensor to detect Air Quality * Noise Level: 62 * Power Rating: 50 Watts



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