Panasonic EFDHV11D65A CFL 11W Spiral Daylight

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Panasonic EFDHV11D65T Eco-Spiral Lamp Lighting Cool Daylight 11w
  • Panasonic EFD11E65HD3T light bulb is designed for long-lasting performance and energy saving. TISI Certified
  • Delivers realistically natural light with high Color Rendering Index (CRI 84)
  • Made of environmentally friendly lead-free glass
  • Eco-Spiral Shape with Cool Daylight Tone.
  • 685-Lumen Light Output
  • High efficiency – saves 80 percent more energy than other light bulbs
  • With an advanced electronics circuit, the light bulb can be instantly illuminated after being switched on.
  • 10,000-Hour Average Life
  • TISI Standard No.956-2533, TISI Standard No.1955-2542.
  • Wattage: 11 watt
  • Number of Items: 1 bulb


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