Panasonic FV-24CH Ceiling Exhaust Fan


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Panasonic Ceiling Exhaust Fan
Model: FV-24CH8
Air Volume200 m³/h
118 CFM  RPM [min-1]
760Noise [dB(A)] 34
Consumption [W] 22.5
RPM [min-1] 730
Weight [kg] 2.7
Installation Space [mm] 240 x 240
Duct Size [mm] Ø100

• Exhaust fan type
• Suitable design for ceiling installation
• Fan motor is equipped with thermal sensor, automatically shuts off the fan when the fan is overheated
• The bearing is fully lubricated so that the fan runs smoothly in long time
• Pre-connected power cord
• Unique double-wall design minimizes noise from fan and motor to outside
• Candle-shaped impeller is able to control air change effectively
* Frame Size: 29 x 29 cm





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