Panasonic NR-BQ261VB 9.4 Cubic Feet 2 Door Top Mount Freezer & Refrigerator Direct Cool Inverter


  • Super Energy Saving (High EEF)
  • R600A Refrigerant
  • Faster Cooling and Efficient Ice Making:
  • Targeting 10 percent efficient than current models
  • Powerful Compressor
  • Spacious Storage
  • Bigger Freezer and Fridge Storage
  • Modern Flat Door Design
  • Slim and Sleek River Flow Handle Design
  • Built-in Deodorizer (Inside the Temperature Control Box)
  • Adjustable Slide-out Wire Shelves
  • Semi Auto Defrost
  • LED Lighting

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Gross Capacity 267 L (9.4 cu.ft)
Net Capacity 264 L (9.3 cu.ft)
Weight (Net) 48 kg
Production Dimension (W x D x H) 540 x 620 x 1,569 mm
Package Dimension (W x D x H) 580 x 650 x 1,650 mm
Energy Efficient Factor (EEF) 470
Warranty for Compressor 12 years
Warranty for Parts & Labor 3 years
Door Color Ceramic Gray
OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Direct Cool Inverter Technology w/ 3 Econavi Sensors
Powerful Compressor
R600a Refrigerant
Tempered Glass Vegetable Case Cover
Full Flat Door Design
With Ice Tray
Built-in Deodorizer
LED Lighting
Manual with Defrosting System




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