Roidmi X20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner XCQ06RM


  • Vacuuming and wet cleaning simultaneously – reduces cleaning time
  • Combined vacuuming and wet cleaning
  • 120,000rpm brushless motor
  • Battery capacity: 65 minutes
  • Magnetic wireless charging
  • Air-X Air/dust separation system

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Cordless vacuum cleaner
Vacuuming and Mopping synchronized
Double Clean and Save Double Time
– Vacuum Mop Combo
– 120,000rpm Brushless motor
– 65 min battery life
– Magnetic Wireless Charger
– Air-X air-dust separation system
Mop and Vacuum Combination
Double cleaning with less worry
120,000rpm brush-less motor
Improve 30% suction power
65 min battery
Deep cleaning large house
Magnetic wireless charging
More personalized experience upgrade
Air-X air-dust separation system
Avoid congestion and loss
6 layers filtration
Double purification of front and rear filters
Classic Design
6 international awards
two-year warranty
Strict process and reliable quality
Mop and suction combination
Who says you can just either Vacuum or Mop. What about doing them both at the same time?!
The next generation of strong suction
vacuum cleaning and easy mopping
The new generation of power & wind tunnel system enables ROIDMI X20
to have a strong powerful suction of up to 138W to vacuum all the residues
on the floor before mopping.
Vacuum then Mop at the same time
ROIDMI X20 integrates the design of vacuuming and
mopping. Get them done easily at the same time.
Double Clean and Save Double Time!
Plant bionic water tank & wet mop pad
Intelligent slow drop technology to avoid water overflow
Base on the principle of plant capillarity, absorb water automatically
while mopping to keep the mop pad wet at a consistent level and water will
not overflow even in static status. Attach with the microfiber mop pad, helps
to deep clean and keep the floor sparkling clean.
Magnetic wet mop accessory
The water tank assembly is magnetically attached to the ground
brush. Easy assemble, the two components click and attach together
firmly when getting close. One second assembly without any burden.
New Generation
of Water-resistant soft rolling brush
The soft rolling brush is made of Nanoscale hydrophobic fiber which
is waterproof, anti-fouling, and self-cleaning. The real integration of
vacuum and mop is not just about the component. Normal soft rolling brush
will collapse and ruin easily when it’s soaked. Therefore, ROIDMI has invented
and developed this innovative nano-level hydrophilic fiber soft rolling brush.
When it touches water, It will not collapse and can be spun dry easily.
Ergonomics Design
Help Reduce Mopping Injuries
While mopping, it requires more downward pressure than vacuuming and
it’s easy for mopper to pull a shoulder or strain their back. Reducing
injuries requires the right tool with proper design. ROIDMI X20 Cordless
Vacuum clean with mop offers you the easiest way to vacuum and mop at the
same time. Its 270° two ways handle, allows you to comfortably grip with
both hands and mop the floor a lot easier.




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