Roidmi Z1 Sterilizing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Synchronized vacuuming and mopping
  • 120AW Suction Power
  • 10 Separation Cyclones
  • 60 Minutes’ Running-time
  • Made with efficient bacteriostatic silver ions
  • Dissoluble glass ion efficiently kills bacteria

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Sterilizing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Z1
Creative ZiWei Sterilization System
Synchronized vacuuming and mopping | 110W Suction Power | 10 Separation Cyclones | 60 Minutes’ Running-time
Inspiration design from lavender
ROIDMI 1st generation sterilizing cordless
vacuum cleaner
ROIDMI Z1, 1st Cordless Vacuum with ZiWei
Sterilization System is a high-fashion cordless
vacuum cleaner designed & developed by ROIDMI
Cleaning R&D Lab, TOAGOSEI(Japan), Toray
Industries (Japan).
Long-period Unsterilized vacuum
cleaner may endanger your health.
ROIDMI Cleaning R&D Lab found that there are
many pathogens inside the vacuum cleaner if it
is not cleaned deeply for a long time and unreplaced
HEPA Filter. Most of them will eventually be discharged
into the air, which may threaten the health of the family.
  • Invisible bacteria
    on the floor
  • Air duct cyclone turns
    into a hotbed of bacteria
  • Exhaust from the
    vacuum cleaner
  • Induce skin disease
    and respiratory infections
*All data results from Household vacuum cleaner&health white paper




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