Sharp AH-XP20YMF/AU-X20YMF 2.0 HP J-Tech Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner (Standard)


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* PLASMACLUSTER ION TECHNOLOGY – Sharps revolutionary air purifying technology that generates and emits positive and negative ions that has been proven effective in deactivating suspended viruses and microbes in the air.
* SELF CLEAN FUNCTION – The Plasmacluster Ion Technology cleans the internal parts of the indoor unit to minimize mold formations in the air filter and air intake area.
* ANTI-CORROSION BLUE FIN COPPER TUBE CONDENSER- NEW! Copper tubes are superior in strength, reliability, ease of maintenance, and excellent heat transfer characteristics. The long-lasting blue-colored resin coating protects the condenser from rusting.
* SUPER JET MODE – Delivers strong blast of chilled air that automatically decrease the temperature in the room by 5°C in just 5mins. The temperature reaches the preset level approximately 40% faster than conventional models.
* BABY SLEEP MODE – The most suitable cooling for baby, gentle clean and quiet operation.
* LOW VOLTAGE POWERFUL OPERATION – J-Tech Air conditioner can keep operating even at a low voltage of 130V.
* 14° CELCIUS TEMPERATURE SETTING – The lowest temperature setting in the industry today – for effective cooling in severely hot weather.
* J-TECH INVERTER OPERATION – an energy saving technology that lowers the power consumption approximately up to 65% Reduction.

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