Sharp AX-1700F(R) 31 Liters HEALSIO Water Oven with Superheated Steam Technology

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Water Oven|800W|Superheated Steam

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  • Superheated Steam
  • Fully Automatic Cooking
  • IR Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Cooking Variety
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Category Water Oven
Power Output (W) 800W
Power Supply 230V~60Hz
Capacity 31 Liters
Dimension (WxHxD) 490x498x430 mm
Net Weight (KG) 23 Kg
Color Red
Accessories (1) Grill Rack (2) Baking Tray

The temperature of Superheated Steam Oven reaches more than 300°C, and forms steam of clear and transparent steam. This continuous flood of superheated steam has an excellent heat transfer and high cooking capacity that seals in the natural moisture, and nutrients of your food.

Superheated Steam Oven

  • Superheated steam generator

    A high power heater generates a great amount of water vapor.

    Superheated Steam has 8 times of calorific value than that of convection heating oven.

  • High density door shield structure

    Allowing cooking process to be in low-oxygen environment to retain nutrients in the food.

    Prevent air from entering oven during cooking process with high density door shield structure.

    Superheated steam spreads the entire large storage areaevenly.

    Efficiently injecting superheated steam from the top and back.




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