Sharp MA-950 Non-Medical Disposable Face Mask (50 Pcs/box)


50 sheet|3 layer protection|Comfort Ear Loops

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  • DISPOSABLE FACE MASK – is a disposable device intended to cover the mouth and nose, it provides a barrier to minimize the direct transmission of ineffective agents between persons or individuals. It also reduces the emission of ineffective agents from the nose and mouth of an asymptomatic carrier with clinical symptoms.
  • INTENDED USE – Provides a barrier to minimize the direct transmission of ineffective agents and for filtering particulate matter in an Aircontaminated environment. This mask is non-sterile and for single use only.DESCRIPTION Non-woven fabric (water repellency)
  •  Air Permeability
  •  Flexibility
  •  Light Weight

At the beginning of March, Sharp – the Japanese electronics maker you probably know for making televisions, calculators, printers, and more – announced that it would be addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by using its production facilities to make surgical masks.

  • 3 Layers Protection
  • Elastic fiber Easy-Fit Comfort Ear Loops
  • Certified under Europe standard EN14683
  • High bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) >98%
  • Medical grade middle & water repellant outer layer
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 50 sheet per box




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