Vector VMP-55 3.5/5.5Kw Digital Control


* Safety Device flow switch * Nominal Power Rating 5.5kW * Convertible to 4.5 & 3.5 kw * 230V, 50/60Hz/AC * Inlet Water Connection 15mm Diameter * Outlet Water Connection 15mm Diameter * Rated Water Flow: 2 – 6 liters/ Minute * Dimensions (mm): L 19.5 x W 7 x H 30.5 cm * Waterproof Degree: IPX4 * Digital LED Display * Maximum water temperature: 55 Degree Celcius * ABS Panel Materials * Must have floor drain in the area if under the kitchen installation

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If there is one amenity that Filipinos couldn’t live without during the cold season, it’s definitely hot water for taking a shower. But since the cost of having a centralized hot water system in the country is oto expensive. Vector offers a solution to this through the Vector 3 Step Control Water Heater. Providing a multipoint system to give off hot water for a shower head and lavatory.Vector 3 Step Control Water Heater is a real friend you can rely on through cold mornings of taking a bath.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 30 cm





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